Coffee with Friends

Be here

Coffee with friends.

In this space you are open, there are no expectations or judgements. No need to edit your thoughts, just a comfortable exchange of ideas.

I was recently reminded of the immense value of coffee with friends. The wisdoms shared were quite profound, simple reminders of the knowledge that is within each of us, comfortably exchanged. Being present and being seen, while enjoying coffee and cake with a wise friend wisdoms are awoken.

The conversation reminded me of the value of feeling seen and heard. It’s not about convincing one of a belief or value, not about being the same or agreeing with each other, but merely about being given the space and time to be present with another. To be honored for you, warts and all, to be seen.

As we spoke about spirituality she reminded me of the value of being human. We do not need lessons on being spiritual but rather the lesson we seek to learn is that of being human.
The fact that we are spirit, we know how to be spiritual, we do not need to seek the path of enlightenment but rather we need to embrace the path of being human. It is the human existence with the contrasts, the highs and lows, the black and white and all those shades of grey that we came here to learn, to live and to be.

There is profound wisdom all around us, and all it takes to tap into it is a moment of presence, an open heart and a desire to learn. I learn so much like this, more than any course of study, YouTube channel or retreat.

I love coffee with friends.


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