Chiron РCrossing the Rainbow Bridge 

 Since the incredible retreat I attended recently I have been pondering the energies of Chiron. I find I have a soft spot for Chiron, perhaps because it is so isolated in my chart, like Saturn, Saturn also stands alone. My other planets all commune together in houses 11 and 12 (the never ending party), but Chiron and Saturn stand isolated in opposition to all the business of the other areas. After many years of conflicting feelings for Saturn I have come to appreciate its steadfast energy, standing strong like an anchor keeping me here, grounded in reality (barely at times). Now I learn to appreciate the gifts of Chiron, the opening of my heart, my vulnerability. Here I share some of my notes, never complete always in progress, and unedited.
Chiron is like learning empathy through experience

Where we find a deeper understanding for others, where we feel compassion, the revealing, acknowledgement, and acceptance of the wound is what is profound, we become the expert, the healer with this, the healing is what we share.

The wound and the healer are one.

It’s so profoundly important. It’s the bridge that joins the lower with the upper

It’s so connected to expansion that if it is not worked with you may remain stagnant.

It’s not about healing a wound it’s about accepting the wound on a personal plane and sharing the healing power on a collective arena.

It’s about being vulnerable, opening up yourself and humbly revealing your innocence to the whole and sharing the healing to the collective.

It’s both completely intimate as well as being totally revealed.

It’s power resides in its ability to be vulnerable.

Chiron is the wounds, the separations, the disconnection from source as well as the healing, the connection, the becoming whole.
With gratitude to Kaypacha, the C*I*A and the magnificent souls that share this journey of opening with me.


A Moment in Conversation

Simplicity and Value

In conversation

And in that moment I said yes it doesn’t happen over night, it happens in a moment. Breath happens in a moment and death happens in a moment.
It’s not going to happen over night – No – it happens in a moment!