In a moment


It’s hard to believe that four months ago we were sitting anxiously beside Dylan in the airily peaceful recovery room waiting for him to wake up. He had just had a life saving 8 hour brain surgery to remove a 4.5cm brain tumor.

Prior to that we had never been to Royal Children’s Hospital, we had driven past countless times and wondered what it was like inside, now it’s all too familiar. In the months since he has had countless tests, appointments, procedures and as you know currently undergoing chemotherapy.


He has now completed the first week of chemo.
Chemo treatment is pretty serious business, there’s a whole lot of preparation before it is administered, while its administered a very close watch is kept on Dylan (because it is poison) and then there is a whole lot of monitoring and testing. Originally it was a Monday to Friday hospital stay but, as I have now experienced these things are very flexible, we ending up staying an extra night.
Dylan made the decision to stay the extra night in hospital on Friday due to the ‘side effects’ of the treatment, even though he really wanted to come home he agreed with the professional opinion of another day of care Although the treatment took a significant toll on him he was pleasantly surprised….. He thought it would be worse. Perhaps the endless supply of anti nausea drugs did the trick or perhaps it was having me at arms reach for the majority of the time, never the less he was relieved.

So after a rough week we got home on Saturday afternoon, tired but so happy to be home. Then Monday, another treatment but just at day oncology.
The surprise from the nurse coordinator and oncologist was clearly visible, Dylan has coped remarkably well with such a toxic cocktail. We are not sugar coating this at all, it’s tough, and we know it will get tougher…. But we are focusing on the successes, the feel good moments, the no vomiting days (few and far between), the little bites of food, the contact with friends, the closeness and growth that comes from journeys like this, it is remarkable, something money can’t buy and books can’t teach.
This past week we met some of the most courageous and remarkable humans, we were touched by the generosity of charitable organizations and warmed by the care of professionals. These are some of the treasures though the sleepless nights and painful days…..

In just a moment our world changed.


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