Sitting here in a dimly lit room, smothered in the all but familiar sounds of ticking pumps and beeping alarms, I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed ‘watching’ my ‘friends’ share their experiences, whether it be an edible item, a new adventure, a get together or an opinion, a small soft voice in me whispers ‘I wish’ .

I wish it was me sitting in a festive restaurant listening to the excitement of conversations, munching down on some decadent delicious edible masterpiece, sharing a new adventurous experience.

I recall my wish from the beginning of this year, I never knew the how, just the desire, and truth be told my wish was granted. I reveal the secret wish I made, one little wish without a plan, I just wanted something more, more meaning, more purpose, more life … This was it, this is it. My purpose was blown out bigger than I could of imagined, thrown up in my face like a sharp slap across the cheek. Every single ounce of me was stripped back, the frills, the ideals, the outdated opinions all taken away. I was left bare and raw, except for my core. I feel it rise up and embrace me now even more. I have been left more humble, more graceful, more courageous than ever before. I now know the spirit is so much more, heart can be broken, body can be battered, mind can be shattered, but my spirit will still soar.

I look up from my keyboard, at my sleeping boy, a smile creeps across my face, I got my wish and so much more. My life is richer, filled with new wisdoms and love, I am living my purpose filled with meaning and more ….

2017 – my wish will be small.


4 thoughts on “Wish

  1. I want to thank you, for sharing this with us. I think many can relate. And I deeply wished, you would not have to have to go trough this situation to get to your core… there are other ways, less painfull…. I hope time treats you right, and gives you the courage to fight whatever comes on your path… and I wish you good luck. Lots of love to you and your son….keep strong…

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