How lucky can one girl be !

Currently I am 30 thousand feet somewhere over Australia sipping on a cool glass of peach and coconut water, ok it’s a recyclable plastic cup but it’s pretty sweet being served while I watch a new release movie… Doctor Strange is on the menu at the moment. And talking of menus there’s a pretty interesting selection of eats to choose from…. Yip I’m living the life.

It was still dark outside when I woke this morning…. Well I hadn’t really slept but at least I had some rest. As the light began to slowly perforate the dark sky I gently woke the boys and as the sun rose we got ready to leave.

My bags packed. I was ready to go. My mother heart already missing my forever babies.

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Infinite possibilities are created in chaos

We huddle tightly below deck, while the ferocity of the storm rips relentlessly at our vessel. Battered continuously, whipped around like a rag doll there’s little we can do. Our control swept right from under us we are left clinging on to one another. Then, just as suddenly as this all began, there’s a break in the clouds, there’s an uneasy calm, an almost sickening stillness. We are left bobbing in a very vast ocean, quite unsure of any direction.
The few things that keep us afloat during the brutality of this …. Limitless courage, unconditional acceptance, surrendered trust, total presence, and of course love. These things remain with us. Continue reading “Today”