How lucky can one girl be !

Currently I am 30 thousand feet somewhere over Australia sipping on a cool glass of peach and coconut water, ok it’s a recyclable plastic cup but it’s pretty sweet being served while I watch a new release movie… Doctor Strange is on the menu at the moment. And talking of menus there’s a pretty interesting selection of eats to choose from…. Yip I’m living the life.

It was still dark outside when I woke this morning…. Well I hadn’t really slept but at least I had some rest. As the light began to slowly perforate the dark sky I gently woke the boys and as the sun rose we got ready to leave.

My bags packed. I was ready to go. My mother heart already missing my forever babies.

We kept the goodby quick, I’m not one for long drawn out farewells, we are all forever passing by, and I whisked myself inside the airport. It wasn’t long before my wheel fell off my very full suitcase and I could see the bag of jelly beans peaking out of the gaping hole…. I dragged my bag to checking and after a short wait was greeted by a very helpful Qantas attendant who not only got me on an earlier flight but also helped me tape and bag my suitcase … We will see how well that worked when I get to the other side eek…. I was squeezed I between two lovely people, a lady who was on her way home after spending some time with her children and grandchildren and a lovely gentleman who was on his way to do some work in Johannesburg, well to a diamond mine and then some fly fishing. In the space of an hour we all shared parts of our stories. I love that, how easy it is to connect with others, when we are open.

As I waited for my international flight I was lucky enough to then spend my time in the business class lounge, as a guest of Peter, the passenger with the window seat. Freshly squeezed juices, incredible cappuccino, pastries, fruit and a glass of bubbly the delayed departure of the flight was welcomed. Some great conversation, well lots from me, a lesson about whatsapp, and some family history, the time was so valuable and appreciated.

A short visit to the bathroom turned into another moment of valuable sharing and a hug. The bathroom attendant was distraught, with a sick grown up son and a cleaning crisis (seriously some people have no respect for others) her frustrations soon turned to laughter and joy as she shared her excitement at the prospect of her first grandchild’s eminent arrival. Perspective.

And that’s how I got here, 30 thousand feet, possibly higher by now. Almost ready for my warm meal and plastic cutlery, so far things are smelling good.

Oh and double bonus … I have an empty seat next to me !

A spot of shopping, some good red wine, great conversations, current entertainment, delicious food and fabulous service all from the comfort of my seat … Not bad at all !


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