A life to remember – Dad


“It’s been an honor Dad.
Today we are Celebrating a life well lived
He was loud
Strong willed
Hard working
Funny and friendly
He was so loved
And he will be very fondly remembered.
Generous, a joker and so helpful, he accepted you as is ……”

It was month ago, under the vast African sky, in your well loved garden that we celebrated your life Dad, and what a life it was! Reflected in the joy and love that we were surrounded in on this day of your memorial. Such honest and humble words spoken for you, all honoring the truth of you, never to judge another, just accepting those around you for who they are, many a blunt word spoken, and always a helping hand offered, such a generous spirit you shared, you really knew how to wind up an emotional response whether it be frustration or laughter it was never a bore.
What a magnificent celebration we had Dad. Your garden blooming with life, both old and new. Chatter and laughter of so many years of memories filled the air. Family and friends from a lifetime coming together to share. A day where everyone knew each others name, a tear or two was shed, no prayer was said and absolutely no food at all was wasted. There was music, and swimming, the kids had a ball. There was tea and cake, beer and boreworse for all.
What an honor it was to travel part of this life with you Dad, you taught me so many valuable lessons and shared so many special moments.

There’s little pieces of you everywhere, in bridges, buildings, gardens, roads and in people –
Sandra most certainly got her most generous nature from you.
Tony the “talk to everyone” “welcome to my home” he got that loud friendly disposition from you.
And me – well some might say I got the brains, but I like to think I got the controversy, the argumentative and the blunt honesty from you (the best parts).

Being so far away has been challenging, especially recently, but what always gave me so much peace and comfort was the knowledge that you were so well cared for and so well loved.
Mom, Tony, Sandra, Lesley, Damon, Kyle and family thank you for caring and loving dad so well.

Loving wishes were sent from all over the world. My little family – Marco, Josh and Dylan in Australia sent their love.
Danielle in England – the favorite granddaughter.
Family in Switzerland, America, Cape Town and Italy.

It was lovely to share this valuable time honoring our fathers memory with so many special people.

Through the gentle whispers of trees
I hear you
Through the flickering of the stars
I see you
Through the bouquet of the gardens
I smell you

You are always everywhere
Forever near


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