I couldn’t be prouder


Our lift patiently waited for us while Dylan finished vomiting this morning. He was that determined to go to RELAY FOR LIFE. It was a very last minute decision, yesterday a friend called me and told me all about it, I mentioned it to Dylan and he was keen, pending how he felt that morning. So with no real plans and not much knowledge of what we were really getting ourselves into we jumped in, and I’m so glad we did.
We did end up staying a little longer than planned, originally it was only for the first lap, but we met some great people, and were enjoying the fresh air and the awesome atmosphere that comes with being surrounded by groups with the same mission, and Dylan even got to enjoy a couple of laps in a wheelchair with Lara.

We met a young lady, a uni student and a volunteer at the relay for life. She came and chatted to Dylan noticing that he had the same scar on his head that she had. She was such an inspiring gorgeous young lady. Her mum and I chatted for some time, she filled me in on some of the side effects of her daughters treatments, including permanent hair loss from radiation and the list of hormone treatments she has, she has some very real challenges resulting from treatment. This is why research is so important, the long term effects of treatment can be shocking. The interesting thing is, through her own journey with Medulloblastoma she has inadvertently helped Dylan, just like Dylan will help future children with cancer too. Nine years ago as she underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for Medulloblastoma she was on a clinical trial, just like Dylan has been, difference is that the research she contributed to has benefited children like Dylan, and will continue to benefit others. Because of research Dylan received lower dose radiation, which will have less of an impact on his developing brain and body.

This is the reason I am so passionate about raising awareness, why Josh is fundraising and donating his hair and why I have spent many hours writing my submission to the senate to fight for more funds for brain cancer research. What advancements come from research not only may cure but also improves the quality of life, both during treatment as well as afterwards.

Right now both Dylan and Josh are aware and taking action to make a positive difference in this world, I couldn’t be prouder.

See below for the link to Joshua’s fundraiser




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