imageJust a quick update. The time just seems to fly by.
Three months ago, Dylan still in hospital having transfusions, on TPN feeds, still
struggling to recover from chemotherapy and my dad dying, it was quite a horrendous time.

Friendship – support and courage

Now Dylan slowly but steadily recovering, has had his gastroscopy and change of gastronomy (mic-key for nutritional support), his weight is slowly going up, balance and muscle tone so much better, still vomiting almost daily but looking healthier.
Josh did a fabulous fundraiser for The Children’s Cancer Foundation, we were so proud of him and so humbled by the support we received from family, friends and other generous people. We had a relaxing week away at the coast, perfect weather, great family time, fabulous accommodation with compliments from an amazing organization called Challenge, it was exactly what we needed to recharge. Dylan has a date for his port removal surgery, his daily medications have been greatly reduced, he is eating small amounts, has more energy and beginning to engage is some school work. Life is certainly settling down.

Below is the link to the Thank you video Josh made.


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