That day on the 3rd of May.

What are the odds.

It’s hard to believe we have Dylan’s three month check up coming up, exactly a year after his first visit to the doctor, with symptoms of headaches and vomiting, really thinking nothing serious was wrong. The first thing the doctor had said when seeing Dylan was “maybe his fringe is too long” , you know maybe his hair was in his face making him get headaches….. Boy was that far from the reality.

At this point I haven’t given it much thought, and Dylan is quite nonchalant about it all. There have been times when he has vomited and had a headache, and since headaches and vomiting were a main part of his symptoms last year I’d say it’s natural that my heart skips a beat, my mind begins to wander …. I breath and become present, I accept that I most likely am going to experience a tingly every time he has a headache. I will be relieved to get this check up over with, perhaps we will even get some direction about the ongoing vomiting and maybe Dylan will even be eating cake by the time it’s his birthday.


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