Journal Entry – Fleeting moments

28 April 2017

I didn’t sleep well last night, my mind possessed by thoughts of the past years journey. Images of incredible moments, some swaddled in pain and others swollen with pride. So many diverse emotions, some feelings of utter helplessness and others feelings of deep appreciation. Much I thought I knew, reshaped, released or reviewed.

Just fleeting moments in the average life, but moments that hold so much significance.

Where friendship is made in the unspoken understanding sharing a common bond, an experience no one wants or wishes upon another, but one that offers such profound lessons and opening of ones self. The trusting of strangers with a most precious soul and where blind faith in a system is what you develop. Where values are remodeled, and beliefs stripped bare, spiritual transmuting into something quite rare.

The deeper we got into the journey the more confident Dylan grew. I recall some of his experiences, as he empowered himself with knowledge, asking questions and making choices, how humbly he accepted the journey, and how courageously he has travelled.


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