Journal entry – Between the space

11 May 2017

Today I am grateful for those who have witnessed my truth, encouraged my authenticity and supported my vulnerability. Those who acknowledge others journeys no matter how rough and tumbled it may be are what I am grateful for. And I am grateful for the experiences which have allowed for my unraveling to open to more love and more empathy. 

Full moon in Scorpio and nodal change open for transformation and transmutation.

26 May 2017

Once I had given a voice to all of my emotions and thoughts, the frustration, the anger, the fear, the loss, and more, I felt more complete. I had acknowledge all of myself and accepted it all with out judgement, that’s when things became unstuck and began to really flow.

It’s okay to take a reprieve, to go into the dark, into stillness. It’s okay to not be okay.

I am now enrolled to study, Dylan is enrolled in distance education, we have a great bridging plan in action with Dylan’s schooling, we’ve accepted our new normal and remain flexible for that normal to change again, I have embraced and shared those sacred parts of my mind and my heart in an effort to shed some awareness. I feel a sense of calm.

New moon in Gemini quieten the mind, balance the light and the dark.


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