This week as we attended to Dylan’s post treatment scans and tests we were reminded of the tragic reality of this horrific disease. Two mothers held their little heroic boys in their arms as they said their last goodbyes, allowing the whisper of their last breath to be released in the comfort of their mothers loving arms. Both boys courageously endured very harsh medical treatments, while still living fully sharing their energy and joy to all those around them. Their lives weaved with challenges that many others never experience, their impact on the world around them significant and permanent.
We are tragically reminded that this is a deadly disease, and that everyday a parent watches helplessly as their child dies from cancer. We are reminded that there are families struggling to help their child get the best possible treatments and care, these children courageously endure significant physical, mental and emotional pain. We are brutally reminded that the treatments that are available are often life threatening and always life changing, and we need to find better ones, ones that only heal and do not harm.

Awareness is the first step that we can take to finding better treatments. Being aware is bringing light into an area that often is just too hard to acknowledge that we keep it in the dark. This is not someone else’s problem or responsibility, it is ours. I never want to be numb to this devastating disease.


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