Faces of Courage – Childhood Cancer Awareness ๐ŸŽ— 3 – EXIT

ย  ย ย 

The final 21 faces of courage have been shared.


And just like that, it’s done, end of treatment or there’s nothing more that can be done. “Come back in three months time for blood tests, scans and an oncology appointment.”

Then if you have been fortunate enough to complete treatment you are sent on your way, back to your life before cancer, the one that is forever altered. Often relationships, and friendships have changed, perhaps your abilities are different, you may still be medicated, having therapy or still physically ill. Life doesn’t just go back to ‘normal’, not for the child and not for the family.

After the relentless and grueling treatment for cancer there are repercussions.

It’s unpredictable and never quite leaves your life.

If you have followed every story for the month you may of built up some routine, each story different and unpredictable however all with a ribbon of familiarity. You may of experienced some emotional fall out, a little bit overwhelmed or some mental exhaustion reading these over and over and over. If you did this may give you a little bit of an insight to what it’s like for parents experiencing these enormous challenges.

The last of the 68 stories have been shared, they represent just a very small minority of children that suffer from childhood cancer. While we shared these stories over the last 4 weeks, about 80 Children were diagnosed with cancer in Australia and 14500 Children world wide. About 7200 Children died from cancer globally and 12 In Australia during this time.

Countless others underwent invasive treatments, living lives within the heavy limits of cancer treatments.


These stories can be read on Facebook – The Other C Word Childhood Cancer Awareness.


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