Faces of Courage – Childhood Cancer Awareness – 2

Another 21 children’s stories have been shared, just the barebones of their experiences, a snippet of their journey, barely scratching the surface of what childhood cancer is.
It’s truly been a soul searching experience for me personally, I’ve cried almost daily, questioned myself and my intentions, felt angered and frustrated, as well as honored and humbled. I questioned my beliefs and wondered about hope. I experienced disappointment, I’ve felt like it was a battle that could never be won. I have learnt to persevere, beyond myself for something that is more about others and less about me.

I suppose I expected more from those I know, so have been left somewhat disappointed, the illusions of humanity caring has been stripped to the bones and I realize that stepping beyond the limitations of the rose colored glasses might not be possible for some, to see clearly this ruthless world of childhood cancer perhaps requires a push, not a leap of faith.

I was asked some questions recently about childhood cancer awareness, it gave me the opportunity to put my feelings into words, I wrote a lot, but really this one paragraph answered it
“I felt like I had a choice – I can pick up the pieces of my life and rebuild it, close the cancer chapter, or I can use what I have experienced with my child, my family and myself and see how I can make it better for those that follow.
It’s about paving the way for the next child, the next family that’s going to experience this and making it a little bit better, easier to navigate, give them a better chance of survival, a treatment that has less side effects, a support structure that is solid and functions efficiently. Childhood cancer is ruthless, we desperately need everyone to acknowledge this and to find treatments that heal and do no harm.”

This has been the most meaningful, powerful and humbling ‘work’ I have done. Thank you to those people I know who have supported me with this, I truly value your time, compassion and care.

If you’d like to read these incredible stories you can pop over to the Facebook page – The other C word – Childhood Cancer Awareness




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