Be The Change – Walking his Talk !

Craig’s K’s for Cancer

Craig is walking his talk or should I say talking while he walks as he spreads awareness for childhood cancer and raises vital  funds for charity.
Raising much needed funds for both pediatric brain cancer research and Ronald McDonald house this father of 4 knows the sufferings a family experiences with a child diagnosed with cancer.

The Tanner family, raising much needed funds for brain cancer research.
We shared his son, Aaron’s story in September. Aaron has just recently finished his treatment for Medulloblastoma an aggressive malignant brain tumour, the family spent months (255 days) away from home, staying at the Rondald McDonald House in Parkville while Aaron received his intensive treatment. This experience showed the family how vital a safe and supportive ‘home away from home’ is during such a life changing time, it provided the family the opportunity to stay together while Aaron underwent treatment. Knowing that brain cancer is the number one cause of death by disease for children in Australia and having a ‘front row seat’ in the fight against brain cancer it’s easy to understand why this family feel funding for pediatric brain cancer research is so vital.

During this challenging time the family have worked furiously planning, preparing and fundraising for this massive journey Craig is taking on.

He departed on 14 October 2017 from Tugun, Queensland and he will be walking about 2500km to Toora, Victoria. If all goes to plan he will finish his epic walk on 16 December 2017 with an exhausted body and a full heart.

Not only is the incredible dad doing a very long walk, he will be taking on dares, for a price of course, while he spreads awareness and engages the local communities he travels through.
“Craig’s determination stems from watching Aaron battle Medulloblastoma and learning about the gross underfunding and devastating statistics of paediatric brain cancer.”

The Tanner family, pictured outside Ronald McDonald House Parkville.
Meet the Team –

The Father – Craig Tanner, the man doing the epic walk, dedicated and inspirational, nothing can hold him down, he is ready to go!

The Mother – Hannah Tanner, carer extraordinaire, behind the scenes, the updates, the communications, the paperwork, she’s committed and very hard working.

The 4 Adventurous boys – Aaron is the inspiration, along with his three brothers, Seth, Isaac and Eli, encouraging their dad all the way, this tight knit family are supporting each other and working together to help others.

The Crew- This dynamic family duo is made up of father and son, Rod the driver of the support vehicle. He’s a partial paraplegic due to an aneurism, so requires a wheelchair and crutches. His carer and co-crew member is Shae, his incredible 16 year old son.

The Community – people from all over have pitched in, made donations, offers of help and supporting this incredible fundraising and awareness effort.

Rod and son Shae, they are traveling with Craig as support crew.
Craig is currently on the road pushing forward a step at a time, come rain or shine, his supportive wife Hannah shared this with us.

“It’s very much an emotional ‘journey’ for Craig. And all of us. It was basically a year to the day we found out about Aaron’s tumour that we were able to come home. All of us scarred and wiser. I think we’re all seeing things through new eyes now. The cliche of an altered perspective proven true. It’s about taking everything learned and pushing for change. We want to push this as far as we can. The hardest part now though is being apart. Our family, like many others, has gone through an ordeal… and we’ve only just come home. Craig is giving up two entire months of our new life to hopefully make a difference. It’s not even about the money- which is desperately needed. It’s about changing minds and making people aware. Because until it happens to your child, you don’t understand the reality of childhood cancer. Before it happened to our son, we were in the dark. We didn’t know how absolutely essential Ronald McDonald House is. Without that amazing facility, I don’t know where we would have been. There’s no ‘brain tumour’ housing or accommodation.”

Get involved –

You can be part of the change, get online and follow Craig’s adventure, encourage and support him as he travels through your town, share this with your family and friends, host a fundraiser in your community for when Craig’s passing through, think of a dare and make a donation to support this amazing fundraiser.

The goal is $250,000.00 part to go to Ronald McDonald House Parkville and part to go to Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer.
We thank Craig for his commitment and dedication to raise funds for two incredible causes and for sharing childhood cancer awareness, and his family and the crew for their invaluable support, thank you for Being the Change !
P.S. And if you were wondering the ‘K’ is for Kilometers.

The Itinerary includes about 60 stops.

Be The Change


This is the space to watch Craig Walk !

And this is the place to make a difference –

You can read more on our Facebook page The Other C Word


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