Outstanding contribution awards …

No sports achievements or academic ones either, no public recognition or want for any pat on the back, he doesn’t care much for what others may think of him …. he is just being a remarkable human just being himself.

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Reflection ~ 2 years



Two years ago today, was the first of many MRIs that Dylan has had. Although the results were not at all expected and completely shocking I am grateful every day that he had that first mri, the one that eventually led us here, past surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, a multitude of test, procedures and medications to NED (no evidence of disease).  Continue reading “Reflection ~ 2 years”

Talking about Cancer – The Voice in my Head

This memory came up on my Facebook feed, it reminded me of why I write so much ‘random stuff’ down. This, writing the wanderings of my mind, unedited, helps me navigate through all sorts of situations life shares with me. I am so grateful I started doing this 4 years ago, it’s made the more challenging experiences a little less heavy to carry.

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Be The Change – It’s in the Stars

“Be The Change

The experience of childhood cancer is a complex tapestry of different emotions, ranging from helplessness to inspiration. It’s within this kind of challenge life hands us opportunities and gifts in a place we would never choose to be.

In the darkest of nights we find the brightest stars, and that’s just what I found in our experience with childhood cancer. Encouragement, support and inspiration coming from others who’ve turned pain into purpose.

Over time I’d like to share some of these inspiring stories of people who shine brightly while creating change.

With deepest gratitude to you all, Michelle

@The Other C Word


Awareness=Funding=Research=Treatments that HEAL and do no harm”

Inspirational Bryce

The Super Max & Bryce project
This is a story of one of those stars, or perhaps rather a constellation of stars, making the lives of those suffering a little brighter, sharing magic, hope and love through a special little night light called “Super Max the Turtle.” This special little night light, created by Cloud b, is designed to be easily sanitised it can be taken into all hospital environments to help bring peaceful and healing sleep to children in treatment. Continue reading “Be The Change – It’s in the Stars”

Faces of Courage – Childhood Cancer Awareness 🎗 3 – EXIT


The final 21 faces of courage have been shared.


And just like that, it’s done, end of treatment or there’s nothing more that can be done. “Come back in three months time for blood tests, scans and an oncology appointment.”

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A life to remember – Dad


“It’s been an honor Dad.
Today we are Celebrating a life well lived
He was loud
Strong willed
Hard working
Funny and friendly
He was so loved
And he will be very fondly remembered.
Generous, a joker and so helpful, he accepted you as is ……”

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How lucky can one girl be !

Currently I am 30 thousand feet somewhere over Australia sipping on a cool glass of peach and coconut water, ok it’s a recyclable plastic cup but it’s pretty sweet being served while I watch a new release movie… Doctor Strange is on the menu at the moment. And talking of menus there’s a pretty interesting selection of eats to choose from…. Yip I’m living the life.

It was still dark outside when I woke this morning…. Well I hadn’t really slept but at least I had some rest. As the light began to slowly perforate the dark sky I gently woke the boys and as the sun rose we got ready to leave.

My bags packed. I was ready to go. My mother heart already missing my forever babies.

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Infinite possibilities are created in chaos

We huddle tightly below deck, while the ferocity of the storm rips relentlessly at our vessel. Battered continuously, whipped around like a rag doll there’s little we can do. Our control swept right from under us we are left clinging on to one another. Then, just as suddenly as this all began, there’s a break in the clouds, there’s an uneasy calm, an almost sickening stillness. We are left bobbing in a very vast ocean, quite unsure of any direction.
The few things that keep us afloat during the brutality of this …. Limitless courage, unconditional acceptance, surrendered trust, total presence, and of course love. These things remain with us. Continue reading “Today”

Awake and Aware


imageAwake and Aware
“we all get rocks along the journey, they’re all gems in their own right”

Dylan, my 13 year old son and I started an Instagram page a month or so ago, sharing his ‘treatment’ journey, to help create awareness of childhood cancer. This journey is pretty hectic and I have found that sharing short and fast is easier rather than a longer piece written on a blog, so haven’t written much here. But Instagram is our shared page for sharing and my blog is my space for sharing. I still honor and respect that this is Dylan’s journey and so I get his ‘approval’ before I share anything publicly, but I suppose I can share differently in my blog.
It’s been 6 months that we’ve been on this crazy ride and I recently shared a collection of ‘the face of childhood cancer’ of Dylan, and realized that we are still not really sharing all of it, I’m not sure the whole picture can ever be shared, but in our quest to raise awareness I write this short blog and share it with you all.


I can’t share photos of Dylan in pain, crying, frustrated, sick, confused and afraid because at those moments I was holding him, comforting him, drying his tears, wiping his head, holding the vomit bag, having him squeeze my hand … There are accidental shots, very far and few between that capture the rest of the reality behind the smile. Maybe this is why we have half a picture of what childhood cancer really is.
Childhood cancer doesn’t end after the last radiation or the final chemo drug is injected. Children’s bodies and minds are not fully grown, so the treatments they receive have very far reaching consequences on their lives, forever. When Dylan has his final dose of chemo, his journey changes,

it doesn’t end. I share this not for pity or sympathy, but for awareness, I share this for the others who will encounter this path in life, for the ones who won’t, because I never knew this world existed until now, perhaps sharing this will bring that one day closer, the day where treatments are only helpful and not harmful.


Our only intention is to create awareness. Help us make a difference to the future of Children who will travel this path, share the awareness, be the change.


image‘This kid is definitely walking this path in presence and peace with courage and acceptance.’

In a moment


It’s hard to believe that four months ago we were sitting anxiously beside Dylan in the airily peaceful recovery room waiting for him to wake up. He had just had a life saving 8 hour brain surgery to remove a 4.5cm brain tumor.

Prior to that we had never been to Royal Children’s Hospital, we had driven past countless times and wondered what it was like inside, now it’s all too familiar. In the months since he has had countless tests, appointments, procedures and as you know currently undergoing chemotherapy.


He has now completed the first week of chemo.
Chemo treatment is pretty serious business, there’s a whole lot of preparation before it is administered, while its administered a very close watch is kept on Dylan (because it is poison) and then there is a whole lot of monitoring and testing. Originally it was a Monday to Friday hospital stay but, as I have now experienced these things are very flexible, we ending up staying an extra night.
Dylan made the decision to stay the extra night in hospital on Friday due to the ‘side effects’ of the treatment, even though he really wanted to come home he agreed with the professional opinion of another day of care Although the treatment took a significant toll on him he was pleasantly surprised….. He thought it would be worse. Perhaps the endless supply of anti nausea drugs did the trick or perhaps it was having me at arms reach for the majority of the time, never the less he was relieved.

So after a rough week we got home on Saturday afternoon, tired but so happy to be home. Then Monday, another treatment but just at day oncology.
The surprise from the nurse coordinator and oncologist was clearly visible, Dylan has coped remarkably well with such a toxic cocktail. We are not sugar coating this at all, it’s tough, and we know it will get tougher…. But we are focusing on the successes, the feel good moments, the no vomiting days (few and far between), the little bites of food, the contact with friends, the closeness and growth that comes from journeys like this, it is remarkable, something money can’t buy and books can’t teach.
This past week we met some of the most courageous and remarkable humans, we were touched by the generosity of charitable organizations and warmed by the care of professionals. These are some of the treasures though the sleepless nights and painful days…..

In just a moment our world changed.