Twisted 2016

Twisted Learn to dance to the music of the Universe.

As 2016 draws to a close I was very tempted to say my “Thank F…ing goodness it’s over, what a crazy year it’s been filled with so many sad events” BUT my mind drifted to the joy, the courage, the incredible experiences, the amazing lessons, the unconditional love and kindness I was gifted, the time and generosity of those close to me and those I am connected to in spirit but yet to meet in the flesh. Both strangers and friends have enriched my life this year.

So many beautiful babies were born this year, lovers secured their commitments to one another, people went out exploring, on magical adventures, changed directions in their lives, achieved their dreams, shared special moments, comforted each other in moments of sadness. All plans became little floating bubbles, no rigidity at all. There was illness and healing, and well, so much more, we are living an extraordinary life with all its ups and downs and twists and turns.

Unravel – Finding a way back to your essence is a journey worth traveling.

How fortunate we were that we got our Australian citizenship at the beginning of this year, a dream I have had since I was 6 years old. 

How fortunate I followed my intuition beyond the fear of judgement and posted on Facebook asking for help, I listened and then took action. Dylan’s life was saved through the efforts of many, what incredible things we have learnt, not just the medical mambo jumbo but the human stories, the compassion, the commitment, the generosity …. I could go on and on. 

Gifted the opportunity to shed my armor and be vulnerable, and witness the magnificence of the human spirit, the courage of children, the love between brothers, the presence and acceptance of little people on massive journeys.
How fortunate I feel that no matter the physical distance I am still connected with those I love, technology has most certainly helped enrich my relationships, bridging time and distance, especially at those times of crisis but also times of shared joy.

Both tears and laughter have been my constant companions this year, how grateful I am that I can feel such depths of emotion.

Be Here Now – See your Wisdom

This year has been profound, both terrifying and magnificent. I know, I love, I laugh, I am more because of these experiences.

Thank you for the music, and the incredible ride. 

Ps the roller coaster was thrilling I am now ready to have a go on the ……. surprise me, I trust you!

My Perception colors my Reality

This year was a little bit Twisted, as my world began to Unravel I had to learn to dance to the music of the universe, finding a way back to my essence has been a journey worth traveling. I am here now, I see my wisdom, as my perception colours my reality, I will always reserve the right to change, grow, expand and evolve.

I reserve the right to Change, Grow, Expand, Evolve


Time does not bind Purpose & Love

Unconditional Love

Seeing beyond the flesh, I see a soul. A wisdom far exceeding the knowledge that may be expressed through the mouth, a sight more expansive than that seen through the eyes, a knowing deep truth far beneath the mind, an opening overflowing in creative powers within this tiny physical form.

In conversation yesterday with a lovely lady we spoke of many interesting things but the valuable awareness for me came from our discussion of illness, death, the ending of a child’s life.
She spoke of her experiences caring for very ill babies and children, many who were in their final time here on earth. Her compassion and wisdom that she had learned from these experiences was astounding. She was both a receiver and a giver of wisdom within these experiences, shining a light on a purpose, the gifts of wisdom and unconditional love shared.
What I learnt was a souls purpose can be lived in a moment, a day, a year, there is not a time frame. We come here with a mission or ten, and we do that, we do our mission, we share our wisdom and our love. When a baby passes out of this body their mission is done and they are ready to move onto their next mission, their mission achieved in a moment, their wisdom lasting lifetimes.
My awareness of those souls who choose to care for others in such a selfless act with compassion has forever changed. Previously I was under the assumption that a carer must have a cut off, must be capable of disconnecting emotionally to be efficient and effective in their role as a carer. However since this conversation I realize that we don’t condition love with time. Our hearts open, unconditional love flowing always, even if it is to only be a brief moment in time, we share love always.

When we see beyond the limits of our bodies we know the value of each moment. Purpose and love are never bound by time.

With gratitude to the love of caregivers and the wisdom of those souls who I thought ‘left too soon’ but who rocked their mission in a millisecond.

I Am

A gentle breeze, a gale force wind, I arrive and I depart. Into this world and out of this world. Spreading seeds, facilitating growth, creating destruction. I arrive and I depart, the illusion. I am nowhere and I am everywhere, always. I am seen, loud and vivid and I am silent, invisible and still. I am here, now, forever. I am spirit.